Friday, 26 February 2010


I started experimenting with body shapes and bodies together resisting force in different ways.
I did a whole sketch book experimenting with these shapes and liked how complex they could be,
I scanned my images into photoshop and started puting together the bodies to create one piece.
Some were very successful but needed to be played around with more.
Ideas were stretched and came up with the idea of these bodies creating the word Resistance or Resist for the final piece.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mask time.

The idea of the mask, the bolts, the sewn up mouth etc. is to show being held back.
The mask is stopping you from doing something.
Not only is it stopping you from doing something but the idea is that it's YOU that is stopping yourself.
You're resisting.
I drew this then scanned it in to edit it a bit in photoshop.
I think you should still be able to tell it's very much a drawing and not over doing it with photoshop.

Original drawings

I did these a couple weeks ago.
Just scanned them in.
My eyes hurt from too much computer time so i'll edit them another day.
They're still along the lines of being restrained to resist!
you got your sewn up mouth, your mouth being under lock and key with the key gone wild.
Lots of chains, and bolts.

One of many ideas.

Alright I'm stupid.
My head changed the word to restraint so I started thinking about that instead.
I did a couple ideas for this but then tried to change it a bit to focus more on the word resistance.
Resistance to talk.
A visual way which shows how your resisting.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

NEW project!

Starting off with my very basic ideas, 
the rough comes from the rough.
Anything I thought of from the beginning went in this book.
Doodles, sketches, quotes, words etc.
There's no way i was going to scan the whole book,
so here have a peek at the crapest of the crap...